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Sketch of an ancient philosopher.

About Us

We’re a team of number-crunching creatives with processes and resources that are unparalleled in the industry. The result? Performance. We build the brand, and the bottom line.

What Makes Us Different

We’re built for social. We approach every campaign using our iterative process: a scientific method that maximizes performance – Hypothesis, Test, Revise, Repeat. When new creative is needed, our content Studio offers creative production at a faster speed-to-market than most brands think is possible. Creative assets are customized to your audience and creative test requirements.


Our analysts sit in the same room as our creative strategists and work on campaigns in tandem.  Media talks to creative; creative talks to media. It’s synergy that breeds performance.


We’re not a black box. We review performance weekly with our clients, and make collaborative decisions on strategy and optimization at every phase of the campaign.


We’ve run social campaigns for household names and startups alike. We’ve grown sales for DTC brands, captured leads for B2B brands, and driven enrollments for major institutions.


Dare we say it? You spend hours of your week making phone calls, writing emails, and pouring over data. We’re excited about what we do, and we want you to be too.


A portrait of a white male co-owner of a business in a black bomber jacket.
Evan Broome
The Engineer

Evan and his team of analysts work intimately with your data, uncovering insights, and developing media strategies that maximize performance. He has a long history leading social executions for major brands like Capital One, University of Maryland and Cuisinart. He was also recognized by Gramercy Institute and Crain’s New York Business as a rising star in social media marketing.

A portrait of a white male co-owner of a business in a navy blue bomber jacket.
Mike Guaglione
The Philosopher

Mike and his team of creatives build powerful brand experiences in feed. He has a 10+ year history developing creative for Fortune 500 brands like Comcast, Campbell’s, and Tropicana. Mike openly confesses to ripping most of his ad concepts from classic novels, and loves analyzing performance almost as much as creating content. Mike also serves as a board member of Water is Basic, an organization that provides water solutions in conflict zones.


Some time ago, Mike (aka: The Philosopher) was running a creative team that built creative for social media campaigns, and Evan (aka: The Engineer) was running digital media for household names. While they found success independently, they both knew that the majority of social campaigns weren’t as effective as they could be.  The problem? A disconnect between media and creative.

Evan and Mike saw major campaigns with incredible potential suffer as a result of ineffective team structures. It’s hard to overstate the millions of dollars lost per day because of ineffective creative. Many creative agencies are not built to support the demands of the constantly evolving social media landscape.  Many media agencies sit on a wealth of data and insights but have little control over the creative process.

Unfortunately, the disconnect always comes at the brand’s expense, producing work with limited opportunity for optimization and growth.

So, Evan and Mike started something new: SocialScience. “Social” – because social requires a unique collaboration between creative and media. “Science” – because social campaigns are highly data-driven, with constant testing, iteration and discovery – just like science.

Since our launch, SocialScience has seen notable success across the client portfolio.  We’ve significantly scaled startup up DTC brands, found new audiences and creative opportunities for established institutions, and helped foster better engagement for our clients. You’re next.

Let's get to work.

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